Cellphone Protector

Did you know that cellphones are likely to cause cancer for some people?

There is some new research that are beginning to point to a link between carrying your cellphone close to your body and development of cancers such as Breast Cancer and Brain Cancer.

post_2015-summer_cell-phone-radiationProtect Your Children and Protect your soft body parts such as your breasts or reproductive organs. Dr. Devra Davis. Ph.D. – found on Huffington Post and author of “Disconnect: The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation” – has amazing research to show us. Check it out here: https://youtu.be/wNNSztN7wJc – she has some scary images there.

And consider this open letter from a mom: LetterfromTracyFrantzCellPhoneSafety to this young woman with breast cancer featured on Dr. Oz in 2013 :https://youtu.be/ZWN838VCUv4

WHO-website_ScreenShot2015-07-31What is even more significant – check the above statement from The World Health organization, bullet #2 – we are probably just beginning to understand what cell phones does to some of us. Same as it took years / decades to understand what smoke inhalation does to our lungs. Think about it.