R2L_LogoHarmful Effects of Cellphone Radiation

New research indicate a correlation between cell phone radio frequency radiation and cancer in the body. So – where do you keep your cellphone?

In your pocket?

In your bra?

In your purse?

Cellphones – when on – emit non-ionizing radiation by creating an electro magnetic field that can penetrate human tissue. So, if you carry your cellphone closer than 5/8th of an inch to your body, day in day out, you may be exceeding radiation exposure limits.

cell-towerImagine what it means that your cellphone is searching for a cell tower always, when you are out and about. Your mobile will likely send out a stronger signal when moving out of range of one cell tower to “reach” the next tower or hold on to the “disappearing” tower. And we want them to because we do not want to be in a dead cell area – how often do we complain about that. Thus, cellphone manufacturers will make tower signal search as strong as they can. However, this means that we expose ourselves to an increasing amount of electro magnetic emission every time we change our mobile phone.

Thus – the World Health Organization (WHO) on their official website mentions that the International Agency for Research on Cancer has now listed mobile phones as possibly carcinogenic to humans. And – Berkeley, CA (a city often at the forefront of consumer protection) approved a city ordinance in May 2015 for electronics retailers to inform customers of potential health risks when buying a cellphone. The Berkeley ordinance is a “Right to Know” warning that is currently being challenged in court by the Cellphone industry.


Dr. Devra Davis, Ph. D., director of Environmental Health Trust has a website dedicated to research and information about the dangers of cellphone radiation. This is the Q&A page. Dr. Devra Davis’s latest book “Disconnect: The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation“.

Check this video too.

This PDF is worth a read also.

Radiation to Light Microprocessor

The R2L microprocessor works by absorbing the cell phones excess radiation and converts it into harmless light, thereby reducing the emitted radiation significantly. Emitted radiation is usually measured in a “SAR” (Specific Absorption Rate) reading that indicates how much of the radiation is absorbed into your head or body.

This video shows the effectiveness of the R2L cellphone protector placed on an iPhone on a simulated head. This could be your head or the head of your child.

r2l-protectorIn fact, there is already information – required by the FCC – in your phone about the dangers of the radio frequency radiation. Here is how to find it:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to General
  3. Go to About
  4. Scroll down to Legal
  5. Go to RF Exposure – and there it is.

The R2L protector should be placed differently for each model phone. It is shown here on an iPhone.