Reservoir of HEALTH offers a wide range of services for your personal wellness. We believe there is something called optimal health that is more than the mere absence of disease. We believe that optimal health is a goal that is worth achieving. We believe that optimal health is the best defense against degenerative diseases and that no one single treatment, nutrient, lifestyle parameter, or diagnostic marker can match the overall disease protective power of optimal health.

Chiropractic Services

In the healing professions, the ultimate goal of treatment is patient satisfaction. Studies demonstrate that for many complaints and injuries involving the spine, other joints and connective tissue structures, Chiropractic Care is efficacious. Chiropractic treatment provides immediate relief of pain, hastened restoration of mobility and flexibility, and improved long-term prognosis.

We specialize in B.E.S.T., a non-force, non-invasive chiropractic system of healthcare that is truly state of the art in balancing Body/Mind/Memory/Soul energy fields.


The acupuncture services at Reservoir of HEALTH help patients with conditions ranging from smoking cessation to relieving musculoskeletal pain.

Hydrotherapy Foot Ionization

The hydrotherapy foot baths at Reservoir of HEALTH are done with the EBR Cellular Cleanse Therapy. It is used to detoxify the body through the skin. An energized and balanced body will naturally be able to detoxify at a higher rate, thereby protecting itself from further toxins, pollutants and viruses.

Interactive Metronome

The Interactive Metronome (IM) program ‘trains the brain’ to plan, sequence and process information more effectively through repetition of interactive exercises.

IM combines the concept of musical metronome with a patented technology program that accurately measures, assesses and improves a person’s rhythm and timing. This means improved foundational skills essential to learning and development. The IM program has been shown to produce significant results in children and adults with a wide range of physical and cognitive difficulties including ADHD.

Kinesio Taping

You probably have seen Kinesio Taping (bright colored “band aids”) on athletes to assist their continued top-level performance by protecting and healing injured areas. Kinesio taping works by placing adhesive tape strategically on an injured area. These specialized tapes are designed to decrease pain, provide support, enhance biomechanics, reduce strain on affected muscles, enhance sensory stimulation and restoration of normal muscle activation.

Laser Therapy

Low level laser therapy has been increasingly utilized for healing purposes. It is a painless, sterile, non-invasive & drug-free treatment for pain, injuries or musculoskeletal conditions.

Massage Therapy

The massage therapy at ROH focus on rehabilitation as well as relaxation and serves as a very helpful adjunct to the other modalities available in the office.


The nutrition services subscribes to the acid/alkaline dietary guidelines of B.E.S.T. healthcare. Here at Reservoir of HEALTH we are able to teach our patients what is “BEST” for their body.

Whole Body Vibration

Medical research has shown that Whole Body Vibration (WBV) is able to build bone mass, build muscle mass, improve circulation in the legs and brain, burn calories, improve overall sense of well being, increase flexibility, rehabilitates injuries and even reduce cortisol levels, the stress hormone.